More taxes: it’s the Democrat Way

From NRO’s The Corner:

[Senate Majority Leader Harry] Reid’s plan proposes to set revenue levels according the Congressional Budget Office baseline, which follows current law, as opposed to current policy. Current law, of course, assumes the expiration of certain business tax extenders, the Alternative Minimum Tax patch, and the Bush tax rates. So in effect, Reid’s plan assumes an overall tax hike of about $3.5 trillion to $3.8 trillion over ten years.

Thus is it ever. Democrats just can’t seem to leave well-enough alone. When we pay more money to the government, taxes are increased. It’s semantic foolishness to claim that since it’s the “Bush tax rates” that are being erased, it’s not really a tax increase.

By this logic, it would not be a tax increase to once again go up to a 90 percent top bracket, since it was that at one time.

Democrats just can’t help themselves; it’s in their DNA: tax and spend; repeat as often as they can.


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