Double shot of espresso

Turning once again to yesterday’s piece by Bret Stephens, a litany of how Obama has failed. It is quite the indictment, yet it concludes with this:

Z is for zero, which is the likelihood that one of the current GOP hopefuls will defeat Mr. Obama in 2012.

Sadly, I think he’s right: It’s time for some excitement in the GOP ranks. Right now the most exciting candidates are Herman Cain and Michele Bachmann.

With all due respect to my fellow Baptist Herman Cain, sorry, I don’t think the country is going to elect a president on his first try at elected office. And, double sorry, Michele Bachmann would be so demonized by the legacy media that she will spend most of her time on defense.

We need offense. Not giving offense (except to the politically correct), but going on offense. We need someone who can unveil Obama for the doctrinaire leftist and terrorist-fellow traveler that he is. Someone who can go for the jugular.

Someone who can remind us that we are Americans, not apologists for America. Someone who can talk intelligently on how America can control its deficits and grow its economy. Someone who knows the difference between pretty speeches and effective economic policies.

Who is this somebody? Could be Marco Rubio, running with Paul Ryan or Eric Cantor. Could be Chris Christie. Someone with some moxie, unafraid to speak the truth.

We need a shot of adrenaline and a double espresso, stat


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