That’s one theory…

The Democrat machine is now using the phrase “Tea Party Downgrade.” Why? Presumably because Democrats think that American voters are so stupid as to not know that the tea partiers are all about cutting spending. That the tea partiers in Congress who wanted much, much bigger cuts were irresponsible for not compromising with Democrats who wanted small-to-zero cuts.

Recall, Obama’s original position was for a “clean” lift to our debt ceiling. Clean in this instance meaning dirty, since it would have been accompanied by no cuts in spending whatsoever.

As for Republicans somehow being responsible for the S&P downgrade, Jim Geraghty reminds us who increased the debt and by how much:

From January 3 to yesterday, the debt increased from $13,997,932,781,828.89 to $14,564,970,167,709.38.

That is an increase of $567,037,385,880.49, or $567 billion.

So in Axelrod’s world, somehow the $3.3 trillion debt increase under President Obama and Speaker Pelosi in the two years their party had complete control of the spending process is NOT responsible for the credit downgrade, but the $567 billion spent since January IS responsible.

There will be some people fooled by the Democrat talking point; there’s always people who will believe anything.

My guess is that most people aren’t buying this particular theory.


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