Kabuki dance

Charlie Cook has a top-ten list of TSA blunders. My response:

I spent a good part of my career as a counter-terror guy, with emphasis on protecting people and assets. Point is, I’ve got some relevant experience.

Airport security as it now exists is nothing more than a Kabuki dance. As such it is counter-productive since it dilutes limited security resources.

The blame has to rest squarely with the Bush administration, which started this mess on the grounds it would be wrong to profile. Political correctness has continued, in spades, in the Obama administration. But treating everyone the same is not just wasteful, it is stupidly bad security.

Good security at airports requires profiling; you don’t treat elderly white women the same as young-to-middle aged men who appear to be of Middle Eastern extraction. It also requires that nervous behavior, mode of dress (e.g. overcoat in summer), type or absence of luggage, and other aspects be given priority.

Profile, and question at length people who might remotely fit the profile. Essential point: focus first on people, then on what they might be carrying. Not the reverse as is now the case.

Finally, don’t blame all TSA employees for the wretchedly bad judgement of a few. Blame Roy LaHood and his boss Obama for not correcting the system.


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