It’s Mitt (for now)

Last night’s debate was worth watching, and, rather than the gooey softballs typical of CNN moderators, the Foxies were pitching fastballs high and inside. My take-away? It’s Mitt (for now).

God help me; Romney is growing on me (yes, I know a good dermatologist who could snip that growth right off…). In the 2008 cycle, he came across as an insincere latecomer to the conservative fold. He just did not look or sound genuine.

Fast-forward to now, and he may still be a Mitt-come-lately to the right side of the pasture, but he’s looking better and better. Sure, he’s got RomneyCare around his neck, but he’s at least talking the talk. Consistently.

As for the notion that he’s a boring businessman, I think we could use some of that right now. Further, Romney’s handling of hecklers in Iowa showed some very un-boring fire, which I think could be unleashed to good effect on Obama in the general election.

We’ll see how he does toe-to-toe with Rick Perry, his only real competition so far. And we should always be mindful that we need to nominate the most conservative candidate — who can win.


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