“Our Proven Progressive Champion”

Today I received four, count them, four pieces of mail urging me to vote for “Our Proven Progressive Champion.” This will be in next week’s Democrat primary for the Virginia State Senate, which, given the nature of the senate district I live in, is tantamount to election.

There has been a competition, at least judging by the mailings and phone calls, as to which of the three Democrats is the most “progressive.” In case you don’t know by now, “progressive” is the new “liberal.” Still means what it meant for the likes of Teddy Kennedy: big and instrusive government, high taxes, redistribution of your money to others.

What the three candidates also share is vehement hatred of our state’s attorney general, Ken Cuccinelli. Mr. Cuccinelli is mentioned in all of the mailings, with his “radical agenda,” “abuses of power,” and, generally, a threat to life on this planet as we know it.

It’s funny how liberals love to paint those who disagree with their statist outlook as “extreme” and “radical.” And then go on to whine about how “uncivil” political discourse has become when some of us fight back.

As for Cuccinelli, there’s talk in Republican circles of him running for the United States Senate, or, perhaps (and more likely in 2013), governor. Oh, there’s this little thing that might explain the visceral hatred of KC: he’s been our state’s point man on repealing ObamaCare.

Ken Cuccinelli, in other words, is a hero of mine for resisting the encroachments and depredations of big government. Any candidate for any office whose pitch is based on demonizing him will never, ever, get my vote in the general election.


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