Let them eat golf balls

Mark Steyn, who ought to be required reading for Americans who cherish what’s left of our liberty, goes off on a not-so-new subject: The Imperial Presidency. Perhaps when Obama, a liberal and alleged “man of the people” engages in imperial trappings, it’s all the more hypocritical.

The point is that all recent presidents have done it: traveled in a style that might become a Saudi prince, at a cost that we, the taxpayers, must bear. All in the name of “security,” of course. It’s vile, and there’s nothing quite like having to wait in traffic, stopped to allow His Royal Majesty to be whisked quickly to his oh-so-important meeting with grade schoolers to announce the latest “plan” to fix something or other.

Again, this very un-republican disease has been shared by Presidents Obama, Bush, Clinton, and so on. It’s all Lee Harvey Oswald’s fault, of course. Absent the assassination of JFK, perhaps presidents might have continued to be actual men of the people, just as Harry Truman was: going for his walks near the White House, pretty much alone; returning to Missouri on a passenger train.

I understand security pretty well, given my career. But what Obama is doing goes well beyond the need for security. And has much more to do with a nouveau riche mindset, combined with a rather blatant disregard for the state of our economy.

This disregard is shown, accurately in my opinion, by yesterday’s Michael Ramirez cartoon. Regardless of what Messers. Bush and Clinton did, our economy is now in a ditch. And Obama’s regal lifestyle is not just out of touch: it’s insulting to those tens of millions of Americans who are unemployed or having trouble making ends meet.


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