Zero influence

Looks like the rebels will prevail over the dictator and his family in Libya. Is this a good thing? Not if you are Qaddafi or one of his entourage. Couldn’t happen to a nastier piece of work.

But before we engage in too much schadenfreude, Libya is not a nation. It’s a colonial fiction, a grouping of primitive Arab tribes that, if they weren’t sitting on oil, no one would give a tinker’s dam about. Think Sudan or Somalia.

So, as for Qaddafi, the King is dead (his regime; perhaps he himself before much longer); long live the King? Would that there was such an orderly transition in Libya. Would that we kept out of this particular mess. Would that Islamists don’t take over.

Would that they don’t, but all we should do is watch from afar as yet another bunch of Arab tribes pretend to have a modern nation. As P.J. O’Rourke suggested about the former Yugoslavia, arm both sides and seal the borders. They’ll sort it out.

Most of all, let’s make sure we don’t get involved in another foolish “nation-building” exercise. Let the Brits and French do so, if they are that stupid. As long as they continue to have access to Libya’s oil, I predict they will not spend their funds on anything else there.

At this juncture, America finds itself in a relatively good position: we are getting rid of Qaddafi without having to have invaded yet another hell hole in the Middle East.

When (not if) Qaddafi is replaced by a bunch of Islamists who shout “death to infidels” before every meal, we’ll deal with them just as we now deal with the mad mullahs in Iran.

That is, Obama will bow and scrape, and apologize for any offence we may have given since the beginning of time. Obama should save what’s left of his dignity. These mokes don’t care what you do, so long as you don’t bomb them or steal their favorite camel.

Absent bombing there is no way we can influence the outcome. Even with bombing, it would be a trial-and-error process, until they came up with some smooth talkers who could con our State Department into thinking that Libyans are our friends.

Since we’re not prepared to bomb them or steal their camels, we’ve got zero influence. The sooner we accept this the better.


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