Inmates running the asylum

This just in from the United Nations: Cuba, that bastion of freedom and democracy, has replaced North Korea as the head of a nuclear arms control panel.

Yes, Cuba is a slight improvement over the Norks. After all, they’ve not got a nuclear weapons program (that we’re aware of). However, having a gulag state like Cuba in charge of anything that we support with our tax dollars is past obscene. It is insane.

This is all of a piece with, say, having an Islamic dictatorship on the U.N. “Commission on Women’s Rights.” Yes, in Iran women have the right to choose blue or black burkas.

The United Nations has long since passed its sell-by date. We should leave it, and kick them out of our country. Let them go the way of the League of Nations, another One-World scheme that never panned out. Thank God.


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