The new civility

Democrats, from Obama down, have implored us to keep a civil tongue in our heads when talking about the opposition. In a demonstration of this new civility, consider this (from the Washington Post) about the Republican candidates from one newly-civil Democrat who is the Virginia State Senate Majority Leader:

“A lot of them are nut jobs,” Senate Majority Leader Richard L. Saslaw (D-Fairfax) said. “They’ve nominated a group that makes the governor of Texas look sane.”

Now, are these “nut job” Republicans advocating we burn witches at the stake or establish a theocracy? Depends who you ask. Democrats shout “evil theocracy” virtually anytime an evangelical Christian voices his beliefs.

Why, according to the Democrat Party organ, a/k/a The Washington Post, one of those dastardly Republican knuckle-draggers “said Darwin’s theory of evolution ‘was used by atheists to explain away the belief in God.'”

The Post reporter might not have been paying close attention, but evolution is often used as an either-or God-test: If you believe in evolution, you can’t believe that God created the earth and all of its creatures. And vice-versa.

It is a false test, of course, but, for example, the recent “gotcha” aimed at Rick Perry is illustrative of how liberals use the poor, dead Mr. Darwin as a club.

What Saslaw said is not quite civil, is it? In fact it smacks of desperation. Rick Perry is a three-term, very successful governor. To declare him as not being “sane” isn’t hyperbole. It’s abusive vitriol, and adds nothing to the debate.

Saslaw, and any other candidate who stoops to such abuse, is not worthy of our vote.


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