Faith of the fallen

Continuing in a sorry “tradition,” Mayor Mike (Bloomberg) has decreed that there will be no priests, ministers, or rabbis at the 9/11 tenth anniversary events. Being cynical, I’d say that if there were Christian and Jewish representatives, the usual noxious elements would whine about there not being a Muslim.

Were Bloomberg to invite a Muslim, I would suggest that nine hundred kinds of heinous hell would break out. Can the Mayor of New York City be impeached? Might be an interesting test…

Whatever else he may be, Mayor Mike is politically correct, and has bought into the whole “religion of peace” drivel. Dangerous drivel, as that very pacifistic faith was the driving force behind the terrorist attacks that day ten years ago.

As for the faith of the heroes, I’d be willing to bet large (were I a betting man) that a large majority of firemen, EMTs, and police who died on 9/11 were Roman Catholic*. And that their faith was a vital part of their lives and their vocations as first responders.

It spits on their memory to not at least have a Catholic chaplain from FDNY or NYPD open the ceremonies with an invocation in the name of our Lord. A Protestant minister and a rabbi would also be welcome.

Mayor Bloomberg is, in essence, declaring that faith played no part on 9/11. That it was unimportant to the men who ran towards danger, not away. This could not be more wrong.

Not important to you, Mayor Mike. Of vital importance to those who died, their families, and friends.

*Back in my day they would pretty much all have been Catholic, with an occasional Jew.


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