Jewish Double Standard Time

The Palestinians will attempt to gain statehood this month at the Third World and Muslim Debating Society, a/k/a the United (sic) Nations.

Naturally, the air will be thick with anti-Zionist rancor, “anti-Zionist” being the polite way of not describing what actually goes on in most majority Muslim nations: pure, rabid, anti-Semitism, imported directly from Czarist Russia and Nazi Germany.

As reported by CNN, the charade will go on, with the expected result being a veto of the whole stinking thing by the United States in the Security Council. Within the Palestinians, there is also a great struggle: who hates the perfidious Jews more, Abbas and his West Bank crowd, or Hamas and the Gaza Terrorists.

Hamas doesn’t want any statehood that leaves Israel standing as a Jewish state. Neither does Abbas, despite what he says in public in English. At least Hamas is honest about its end-game intentions.

Now, let’s imagine that the Paleos did manage to unilaterally announce that they were now a nation recognized by the UN. What, exactly, would they then do? Negotiate with Israel for the removal of Israeli “settlements” in “occupied” Paleo land?

They could, and should, be doing this now; having a state declared on paper means nothing. So, why don’t they do the rational thing, and negotiate with Israel? Likely because they know that, with the current Obama administration, they don’t have to, that Obama has an animus against Israel that likely derives from his own Muslim (father) and Marxist (mother) background. So Obama “leads from (way) behind,” and the Paleos get to print fancy stationary (with the assistance of U.S. taxpayers, natch) but have little else to show for their nascent “nationhood.”

As an aside, I have to ask: how is it that the world community, which has hissy fits about ethnic cleansing in the Balkans and elsewhere, is quite comfortable with not having any Jews living in a predominantly Arab Palestine? Why is it the going-in position of Arabs and Muslims that there must be zero Jews in the West Bank, and that we don’t question this bit of racism?

Turn this around, and imagine if any European nation, say Sweden, decided that as of a date certain no one of Polish or Lithuanian descent would no longer be allowed to live in their territory. There was, after all, more than a century of warfare between the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and Sweden between 1563 and 1721. Throw the Pollack and Litvak bums out!

That obviously isn’t going to happen, and, if the Swedes tried it, would be roundly condemned by the West, including our very own State Department. As for the Jews? Feh, they’re Jews, we don’t need to stand up for them. They’re different; they’re not Bosnian or Albanian Muslims living in Serbia, after all…

And, as it has been for many years, no one in authority, even in the United States, seems to notice that, once again, the world is living on Jewish Double Standard Time.


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