Extra-Judicial killing?

A terrorist named al-Awlaki was killed by an unmanned drone strike today in Yemen. This is unmitigated good news; good riddance to bad rubbish.

One may only hope his demise was painful, but chances are he didn’t even have time to recite allahu akhbar, or whatever garbage these mokes say before they they are killed. Perhaps the drone played a very loud recording, so that al-Awlaki would be welcomed to Hell with, say, the Star Spangled Banner ringing in his now-dead ears.

But wait: this terrorist was an American citizen. Oh no, call out the ACLU shock troops; sue everyone who can spell “drone.” There appear to be serious arguments from serious, and not-so-serious, defenders of the realm. I just heard Ron Paul on Fox claim that these sorts of killings were unconstitutional. More or less. Not that Paul thinks al-Awlaki was not a terrorist, or that his demise was not a good thing.

Yes, the dead terrorist was an American citizen. He was also a traitor, and a member of a hostile band of terrorists who have declared war against America. As such, al-Awlaki, and any other so-called “home-grown terrorist” deserve nothing but the sharp end of the drone or bullet. During World War II, there were more than a few American-born traitors of German and Japanese descent, American citizens, who took up arms against the United States.

The difference between Herr Schnickelgruber who went to fight for der vaderland and al-Awlaki? Hr Schnickelgruber would at least have been a regular combatant. I.e. worn a uniform and fought in a national armed force whose nation had declared war on us. It would have been no crime to kill Hr Schnickelgruber by drone or any other means of war.

Al-Awlaki was an irregular fighter, and so isn’t even entitled to any rights under the Geneva Convention, as a German or Japanese soldier would have been. No, not al-Alwaki. He gave away his rights as an American citizen when he took up arms against us and joined our declared enemy.


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