Save Us, Obi-Won Clinton

Steven Hayward has a post up at Powerline that ought to be required reading for Democrats: Save Us, Obi-Won Clinton, You’re Our Only Hope.

Hayward wonders if Princeton historian Sean Wilentz’ piece in The New Republic about the brilliance of Bill Clinton might be a

…dog whistle shout-out to Hillary to save the Democrats from Obama, sort of written in code to avoid a beatdown by the imperial storm troopers of the Center for American Progress?

My take on getting Hillary to replace Obama? Won’t happen. First and foremost, because Obama is too arrogant to step aside gracefully. He simply has no grace about him when it comes to political adversaries. In either party.

Further, a large part of Obama’s base is black, and, for better or worse, they will (at best) simply stay home in the general if Hillary beats Obama in the primaries.

The adults in the Democratic Party, and people who bundle funds for Democrat, would love for Hillary to replace Obama. But, they know that any overt move on their part to push Obama out would be labeled racist.

This reflects a reality among today’s “progressives:” race or ethnicity trumps gender every time.

Put another way: liberals talk about feminism, and glass ceilings, and wage gaps. That’s just talk, when it comes to conflict between the hapless Obama and the obviously better qualified Hillary.

When it comes to the ballot box, among Democrats, a white woman stands no chance against a black man. In the general, with independents being the largest voting bloc, Hilary would be much more likely to win than Obama.

Put another way: as a conservative Republican, I’m happy having our side run against Obama. We’re much more likely to prevail than against Hillary.


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