Eat the rich

No, not the title of the essential-reading Eat the Rich by P.J. O’Rourke. But that’s what the rabble of “occupy Wall Street” brings to mind. That is, an essentially left-leaning mindless rabble. No coherent agenda, except “greed is bad” and “all pigs are equal.”

Oops. Animal Farm reference snuck in there. What some of these idle youth seem to be saying is, rather, “everyone is equal; no one should have more money.” Missing from this last is the modifier, “than me.”

Some of the unions seem to be getting behind the otherwise aimless protests. There is probably a sufficiency of leftist hate-the-rich, hate-Wall Street, hate-the-military sentiment that the unions can enlist in service of their agenda against corporate America. Which is to say against productive America, but, hey, union solidarity forever, screw the consequences to the economy.

Unless, of course, the violence and anti-Semitism becomes too blatant, at which point Obama will distance himself and probably blame Sarah Palin. The unions will feel right at home.

If the Dems play their cards just so, then these mobs will appear to be a popular “uprising” in favor of…drum roll please…more government spending, more taxes on “the rich,” well-paying jobs for everyone, even the gender studies majors who are unemployed (and, frankly, unemployable).

Does the occupy Wall Street thing have legs? Probably until the weather turns cold.


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