“See the forest for the trees”

I came across an opinion piece at Fox News, by John Stimpson: “Why Mitt Romney Is the GOP’s Best Choice to Win In 2012.” Mr. Stimpson then goes into some detail of why he thinks this is the case, and much of it has to do with Romney’s proven ability to turn things around, to right our (almost) capsizing ship of state.

I’ve not been a big fan of Romney, considering him too liberal to be our standard bearer in this cycle. Then there is Romneycare and alleged flip-flops on policy questions great and small.

Let me put it this way: If the primary were held today, my vote would go to Herman Cain. He is direct, plain-spoken, and a true conservative. But he might be too strong a dose for the independent voters who will elect the next president.

All that being said, the (William F.) Buckley rule raises its head: nominate the most conservative candidate who can win. Which brings me to what I’d call Stimpson’s money paragraph:

There is no perfect GOP candidate who will satisfy all Republicans. The challenge for the Republican Party is to see the forest for the trees. At a time when jobs and the economy will be the two overriding issues among voters, the focus in this presidential election will be who is best qualified to turn America around and get the economy back on track. That candidate is Mitt Romney.

So, John boy, you want red meat but will settle for vanilla pudding?

Well, yes. If that vanilla pudding, Mitt Romney, can beat the community organizer posing in his empty suit as our president and restore some fiscal order to our national house.


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