Ho-ho test

We used to joke among ourselves that something that was so obviously, heinously wrong, wouldn’t pass the ho-ho test. No, not the tasty treat that will survive, unscathed by time, dug up by future archaeologists when the pyramids are but dust. No, these ho-hos are egregious fictions spun by professional politicos.

This particular one is worthy of note, transcending mere ho-ho-ness, going to the next level. Here’s Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the mouthy chairman of the Democratic National Committee. The subject is who is responsible for the terrible shape our economy is now in. Via HuffPo:

We need Republicans and Democrats to work together,” said Wasserman Schultz on CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday morning, when asked about opposition to President Obama’s jobs plan. “You know, where is the leadership on the Republican side? You want to talk about sitting on the sidelines? They’re the ones that have just been crossing their arms and hoping for failure. I mean … it’s so irresponsible for them to allow the economy to just remain stagnant, you know, so that they can get a political victory in the election next year.”

This is a two-fer: Republicans haven’t exercised “leadership,” and thus will “allow the economy to just remain stagnant.”

Let’ see. In 2008, Obama was elected president, and both houses of Congress remained solidly Democrat. Obama and the Democrat Congress went crazy with spending, with deficits climbing three-fold to about $1.4 trillion, with a “t.” This was the case for Obama’s first two years.

This year, or at least for 10 months of it, Republicans gained control of the House of Representatives. Democrats, however, still control the Executive Branch and the other house of Congress, the Senate. And, yes, spending and the deficit have continued in their death spiral upwards.

The nation normally looks to the president for leadership in times of struggle. Normally. But, whatever else may be true, regardless of whether one thinks Obama and his Democrat enablers in Congress have done too much, too little, or all the wrong things, It’s clearly the Democrats who have been in charge. And must be held accountable.

Sorry, Deb. Your howls at the moon are just moonbattery.


One thought on “Ho-ho test

  1. Reblogged this on middlekingdom1of10boyz and commented:
    I have used the term “ho-ho test” for as long as I can remember doing nuclear work. It was one of those terms that was passed down from Sea-Dad to Sea-Pup and no one knows its origins.
    I was using the term today and realized that my Chinese colleagues have no idea what it means. I like the definition here and it seems to work just as well in the political arena as it does in nuclear power.

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