Obama and his pet attack poodle Biden are in full-throated roar over those pro-rape Republicans’ refusal to pass yet another pork-laden “stimulus” bill. So, naturally, they’ve taken the low road, accusing Republicans of, oh, right, already mentioned, being the “pro-rape party.”

Well, Biden, the Sage of Wilmington, didn’t actually say “pro-rape.” As reported by Fox, what he did say, er, yell, at a conservative reporter was

“Don’t screw around with me,” Biden lashed out at HUMAN EVENTS. Then Biden confirmed that he indeed did talk about rape in terms of the President’s spending measure. “Murder will continue to rise, rape will continue to rise, all crimes will continue to rise,” if the Democrats agenda isn’t passed, he added. (emphasis added)

Well. Good to know that Democrats are now the law-and-order party. There are two basic problems with Biden’s remarks.

First, they are mean and stupid, but we’ve come to expect that. But: the man’s the Vice President of the United States, not some union thug trying to intimidate voters. How low we have sunk.

Beyond the unpleasantness of Joe Biden, there is the actual matter at hand: a federal bailout for states that don’t have the ability to pay for their own police. Each state is different; has a unique history that has led to its current fiscal position.

Some states, like California, have been profligate, over-paying and over-committing to its public sector unions, to the point where they are going bankrupt. And they can’t “afford” to keep a sufficient number of police (or firemen or teachers) on the rolls.

Other states, like my Virginia, are in good shape due to better fiscal management. But all states make their own decisions, decisions subject to their voters’ pleasure. Or displeasure. Which is the central point.

The question for a federal republic is simple: Do citizens of one state have to pay to bail out another state, when those citizens have no say in how that other state got into its mess to begin with?

Should my federal taxes have to go to bail out California? Or Michigan? Or any other fiscal craphole state that can’t control its own budget? The obvious answer in a federal republic is not just “no,” but “hell, no!”

Let the states that have their begging bowls out make cuts in their state budgets, or raise state taxes, in accordance with their laws. To govern is to choose, and it is clear that states that claim they can’t pay their police, teachers, etc., have made the choice that other things are more important. Fine. Let their citizens decide, at the next election, if those are wise choices.

Let each state make its choices. And live with them. It boils down to no taxation without representation. Now where have I heard that before?


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