“Walmart for rats”

This is the ever-lively New York Post’s description of the “Occupy Wall Street” crowd. OWS is a somewhat incoherent mess of the unemployed and unemployable. They hate government; want more government. Hate banks; have much more money than I’ll ever see in a bank.

OWS appears to be weak-minded folks who want what they want but won’t work to get it. Unless, of course, one considers beating drums and making filth in the streets work. At the very least, the unfortunate people who actually live nearby Zucotti Park in lower Manhattan, have to work hard to ignore the noise and filth.

But, hey, the protesters, if that’s what they are, have rights, you know. Screw everyone else’s rights; we’re the important ones.

The OWS idiots have, apparently, attracted some four-legged fellow travelers: Rattus norvegicus, apparently quite a few of them, are marching in solidarity, bringing their own joie de vivre to the drumming party.

The best approach to OWS? How about Mayor Mike growing a spine and enforcing city ordinances against noise and making a public nuisance. Just enforce existing laws. That would be nice.


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