Perry redux?

We get it: Katrina Trinko doesn’t much care for Rick Perry.

As for him wading into “birtherism,” that’s a stretch. And needlessly negative. The worst part, not shown in this clip, is the Perry-Trump business, where Perry mischievously speaks of The Donald’s lonely crusade to demonstrate that Obama is from another planet. Or something.

On matters of substance, Perry’s 20-20 plan (great vision…) looks a lot more coherent than Herman Cain’s easily-chanted but just as easily derided 9-9-9.

I dearly love Herman Cain; I’ve met him, and he’s charismatic, likeable, smart. All the positive attributes that one could wish for in a candidate. He is a happy warrior. With one fatal flaw: he is woefully ignorant of some very important things. Things that any candidate for high office ought to know. He also becomes incoherent on stating what he believes.

Net assessment? While I gladly would vote for Herman Cain, we would see him go down in flames in the general election. This election is too important to just have a feel-good candidate. We need to win; with a conservative if that is possible..

Perry, on the other hand, is conservative where it counts: as the executive of a large and diverse state. Not perfect. No candidate is or can be.

Consider this, though: being a governor is perhaps the very best preparation to lead a nation that has been held back and pushed down by a man-child leftist community organizer in the Saul Alinsky mode.

So, it comes down to Cain vs. Perry as the not-Romney. We’ll see if Perry gets any bounce from his tax plan. If not, stand by for Mitt Romney as our nominee.


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