Where’s the beef?

The poorly-sourced claim that Herman Cain looked cross-eyed at some women is, frankly, lacking in substance. Andy McCarthy tears apart the whole tempest-in-a-teapot non-scandal, which the liberal media seems to be treating as akin to the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.

Herman Cain is not the most articulate man; he sometimes flubs on policy questions. He’s clearly flubbed on the now routine “what did he know and when did he know it?” The mainstream media’s playbook is to build on any event that even hints of some scandal, skewer the target with charges of cover-up, or, in Cain’s case, being inarticulate. After all, an inarticulate black man? Isn’t that why we elected Obama, ’cause he’s “clean and articulate,” according to the Sage of Wilmington?

Stated differently, harmless conversations between men and women are now grist for the feminazi grievance mill. A simple “you look good in that dress” remark, which used to be considered a compliment coming from most men to most women, can get you sued.

Yes, there will always be sleazoids among us, who say and do stupid and heinous things. But aren’t women strong enough, smart enough, to be able to distinguish between harmless banter and a guy who makes you want to dip your hands in bleach after shaking hands?

Finally, there’s that wonderful double standard. Ted Kennedy killed a woman, left the scene of the crime. John Edwards and his love child while his wife was wasting away with cancer may be even lower, if that’s possible (the Kennedy’s won the politicians’ limbo contest; “how low can you go;” retired the trophy if memory serves.)

Last but not least, ask a liberal if Bill Clinton’s serial molestation of women, including actual rape, is worse, the same, or better than what Herman Cain is alleged to have done?


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