Bailing on Cain?

A writer at NRO, Lisa Schriffin, with respect to anonymous allegations of sexual harassment against Herman Cain:

At the end of the day, if he is the candidate, we lose β€” even if it turns out that he had no behavior, ever, which could be confused with sexual harassment.

If (and, right now, that’s a big “if”) the charges don’t constitute sexual harassment, then we should welcome the opportunity for a knock-down, drag-out fight in the mud against Obama. This time, bare knuckles, no holds barred.

John McCain basically gave Obama a pass on his past associations and lack of experience; Cain won’t be afraid of bringing all that unlovely history to the fore. Wright, Ayers, Rezko; lots of meat there, much of it rancid, anti-American, anti-Semitic fecal matter.

Again, that’s if the allegations against Cain are baseless. To toss him out if he’s done nothing wrong plays exactly into the left’s hands, and agrees with their playbook: conservatives can’t ever have been accused of anything; liberals can kill a woman (T. Kennedy) or rape interns (B. Clinton) and get a free pass.

There’s an upside to this: it will let Cain get his inconsistent, bordering on chaotic, responses to the allegations out of his system. Also, it will vet the accusations themselves (true, or false), and by the general election should no longer be an issue to be used against the Republican nominee. Cain, if the allegations prove baseless; someone else if they have substance.

PS: Do the allegations, at least as we have heard so far, rise to the level of “sexual harassment? Based on what I’ve heard so far, “maybe” is the strongest verdict. Of course, these days, in the sissified world that is America in the 21st century, looking crosseyed at a woman might be grounds for a lawsuit.


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