EPA full employment?

This interesting tidbit via Fox Nation: EPA would need an additional 230,000 employees to enforce greenhouse gas regulations.

Marvelous; 230,000 more government slugs. Doing their level best to enforce regulations that will drive us back to some pristine condition before global warming nuclear winter climate change took hold.

Presumably, the Democrats would have us back in those glory days of the pre-industrial age, when families burned animal dung and were provided lifetime employment as serfs by their sovereign lord.

Today’s would-be sovereign lords are the government-knows-best industrial planners, a/k/a socialists, who are the core of the Democrat party.

One such Democrat is the current EPA administrator, Lisa Jackson, who gave a speech at one of the centers of socialist thinking, UC-Berkely. Among her remarks? Republicans are “jack-booted thugs.”

Presumably for noticing that her agency, the EPA, had actually requested 230,000 more enviro-bots. Great charm, those Democrats have.

Lisa Jackson is as good a reason as any to vote Republican next November.


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