compare and contrast

Here’s a little compare and contrast in leaders, in two recent photos. On the right, arguably the more conservative of the two, the new Vlad the Impaler, Putin, Czar of all the Russias. Or something on that order. Whatever else he may be, Vladimir Putin is in charge, and is a man’s man.

On the left, as is only appropriate, we have our president the Girly Man. Riding a girl’s bike, for God’s sake. Or is this what passes for a boy’s bike in these emasculated times? Surely someone could have provided this poseur, who has spent trillions of our dollars, an actual boy’s bike? And the dorky helmet? Is Obama that fearful of getting his little head knocked?

Of and by itself, riding a girl’s bike is not a hanging offense. But it does show that our president is not, well, manly. He is the submissive dog, and he is likely laughed at by the likes of Putin. And Sarkozy. And Merkel. And pretty much all world leaders.


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