Old Dominion now red?

Kimberly Strassel has an interesting observation about Virginia politics in today’s Wall Street Journal. Exactly right, and for all the sturm und drang surrounding the occasional union-sponsored victory (as in Ohio last week), the real story will be told when voting for or against Obama and down-ticket Democrats who try to distance themselves. Here’s my take:

Just an observation from a long-time Virginian: Democrats are running scared here. It showed in their advertising in the run-up to last Tuesday’s election.

The typical campaign literature was “Ken Cuccinelli, Rush Limbaugh, and Sarah Palin are going to send you all to Auschwitz!” Well, perhaps not quite, but the tone and tenor was that a Vast Right Wing Conspiracy (ah, Hillary; the gift that keeps on giving) was brewing right here in the Commonwealth.

When one Democrat candidate for (Virginia) Senate sent this sort of yippity-dog, teeth-bared-to-no-effect nonsense, it could be ignored. But virtually all Democrat candidates for the House of Delegates and for local county office also used the same or similar language. It quickly became apparent that this was the Democrat playbook for 2011.

And, I’d guess, we’ll see this playbook again at the state and national level next year.

My take away? Democrats are running scared; they know that Virginians may have been reminded that we’re not a state that can be cowed by the Obama machine and its union thug allies.

Would that voters in Ohio, Florida, and other key states follow the lead of the Old Dominion.


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