Some conservatives find the attempt to recall Wisconsin governor Scott Walker to be bad manners and ill-conceived.

I agree that liberals tend to not be well-behaved in public, and that they tend to throw hissy fits when they don’t get their way. Further, I support fully Gov. Walker’s attempts to bring fiscal sanity to Wisconsin. It is also quite clear that some Democrats are first-class hypocrites when it comes to recall elections.

That said, recall elections are what Wisconsin state law allows. So, while I find the liberals in Wisconsin and their union-thug allies to be most distasteful, they are within their rights.

All power in our nation originates with the people. Elected officials are only borrowing that power; controlling some portion of it.

It therefore ought always be the people’s right to take back the power they lent to the elected official. That is, to remove someone from power using the laws of the state.

Methods for doing this vary; recall elections are the populist-inspired method and thus are inherently subject to the whims of the masses. My preference is what happens in most jurisdictions: repudiation of an elected official at the next regularly scheduled election.

The essential point? It’s within the people’s power to kick someone out of office, in accordance with the laws that those people approved, either directly in the voting booth, or through their elected representatives.

Don’t like recall elections? Get the law changed. In Wisconsin, defeat the recall of a brave and principled governor.


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