The crisis in the Euro zone continues, with France and Germany now laying down an ultimatum to the lazy and profligate southerners. As reported by the Wall Street Journal:

A day ahead of a crucial gathering of European Union leaders in Brussels, French President Nicolas Sarkozy and German Chancellor Angela Merkel have outlined their plan for solving the euro crisis through deeper fiscal integration.

In an open letter to European Council President Herman Van Rompuy, Mr. Sarkozy and Ms. Merkel issued an ultimatum to the 27 EU governments, saying they must decide whether they will accept greater central control over their national budgets (emphasis added).

Because we all know that “greater central control” always results in a stronger economy. Look at the success of the former Soviet Union…

Getting past the seriousness of the Euro situation, is it not passing strange that the French are now the paragons of economic virtue? That is, the one-month a year paid vacation, 32-hour work-week, retire at age 50 French. One supposes they had to give protective coloration to the Germans.

It’s just so unseemly for a resurgent Deutschland to be telling the weak sisters of Europe such as Greece, Italy, and Portugal that they’re just not fit to run their own countries any more.

But there it is: absent German discipline, the Euro dies. And with it the uber-Socialist dream of great minds, appointed and thus unencumbered by needing to be elected, running an entire continent from Brussels.

Elections? Accountability? Sovereignty? What Twentieth Century, outdated concepts.


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