In the mix

The Leon M. Goldstein High School for the Sciences is, apparently and despite its cumbersome name, a well-regarded magnet school in Brooklyn. For the sciences, one might guess.

But all is not what it might seem. Is this school the Brooklyn attempt to replicate the Bronx High School of Science? Perhaps not.

At LMGHS (who doesn’t know what that stands for these days?), as relayed by John Derbyshire at NRO, “The floor grade in Humanities is 70; the floor grade in Math/Science is 75.” “Floor grade” isn’t about one’s opinion of tile or carpeting. It is the minimum grade guaranteed to students. Regardless of the quality of their work.

And we wonder why so many young people are under-achievers these days. It’s actually worse than that. In a review of LMGHS, New York Magazine notes that admission to this supposed school for the sciences

“is open to all New York City residents. Students are chosen by a formula designed to ensure a mix of high and low achievers.”

Marvelous to know that diversity, even at a specialized high school, requires that students, on average, not be too bright. It might spoil the mix.


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