“spinal implant”

Red meat from the Wall Street Journal today. The Keystone XL pipeline has been under review for three years; it’s path, from Canada to Texas, has been changed so as to minimize even potential environmental impact. It will provide jobs and oil from a friendly neighbor; oil that won’t disappear due to Iranian nukes or other turmoil in the Middle East.

But our weak president again votes “present,” and has put off final approval of the pipeline until after the presidential election. Such bravery has not been seen since Henry V at Agincourt….(sarcasm/off)

From the Journal:

To give Mr. Obama a spinal implant, the House passed a provision that would give TransCanada a permit to start building in 60 days if the President does nothing. He can still kill the pipeline if he objects. But at least Hamlet of Pennsylvania Avenue would have to make up his mind.

Conservatives and principled liberals should be pleased, as it makes it more rather than less likely that the pipeline will go forward, there being no good reason to stop it. Besides, naturally, the political need by Obama to appease the far-left enviros.

This House bill, of course, must pass through the Senate. We’ll see if there are enough principled liberals there to actually attempt to make Obama attempt to stand up and make a decision in public view.

My view? Americans win either way the president would go on this. If the pipeline is approved, we all win. If it is denied, then Americans can see Obama’s true nature: a man of the far left. Let’s hope the unions take this lesson to heart.


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