Simple is good

Looks as though Newt, Rick Perry, and all other Republican candidates except for Romney and Paul have not qualified to be on the Virginia primary ballot on March 6, 2012.

As a Virginia Republican, I’d like to have seen all of them on our ballot. Competition is good for the party, and good for the nation. But, Newt and the others just couldn’t get organized. The rules were, and remain, clear. No one got a break; there was not a secret cabal that met in Richmond to deny spots on the ballot.

I would have thought that our 13 electoral votes, and the fact that Virginia is a key swing state this time, would have spurred greater organizational effort by Newt and the rest. Apparently not.

However, I’ve got a bit of a personal conflict: as a Virginia election official, I’ll be working the polls next March 6. Write-in votes not being allowed should make for a simple primary election.

And, when you’re certifying the results, believe me, simple is good. Good thing Ron Paul is on the ballot; he otherwise might be accusing the Trilateral Commission or AIPAC of shenanigans…

My only objection to our system is that Virginia has open primaries. This allows independents and Democrats to vote in our primary. Not to cast aspersions on Democrats, but I see more than a few of them voting for Ron Paul as a way to weaken Mitt Romney.

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