So, TR is your hero?

Obama has tried very much to be compared to Teddy Roosevelt. Well, he’s also compared himself to Jesus, Gandhi, Lincoln, FDR. Well, to Jesus and Gandhi, not aloud. Lincoln and FDR, very much so.

He recently claimed to be perhaps the “fourth greatest president” in history. That was after his claim, made during the 2008 campaign, that his election would end global warming, poverty, cancer, and hangnails.

OK, slight exaggeration. Obama isn’t doing nearly enough about hangnails. I’m sure he’ll hire a hangnail czar any day, now. The point is that the man’s ego just can’t fit in the room with anyone else.

TR, while he ran on the Bull Moose ticket in 1912 as a progressive alternative to Taft and Wilson, was unlike Obama in most ways. For openers, he was a man’s man, but let’s not hold that against the soft-hands community organizer. He also had little patience for fools and knaves. Someone like Eric Holder in a TR administration? Difficult to imagine.

Yes, TR was a progressive, a trust-buster. But so was Taft; it was a Republican disease of the early 20th century. As for TR’s political philosophy, let’s just say he abhorred Democrats. Here’s a sample (via Human Events:

“A gentleman told me recently that he doubted I would vote for the Angel Gabriel if found at the head of the Democratic Party, to which I responded that the Angel Gabriel would never be found in such company. Speaking quite dispassionately, and simply as a historian, the Democrats can be trusted invariably to walk in the darkness even when to walk in the light would be manifestly to their advantage.”

I’ve always admired TR, even though his penchant for government-based solutions to problems was unwise.

Barack, baby, you’re no Teddy Roosevelt.


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