“giveaway to the well-to-do”

So says the lead editorial in today’s Washington Post. Correctly, of course. Took them long enough.

The Post has discovered that huge government subsidies for electric cars don’t work and favor affluent folks who want to feel good about themselves. Sort of like Pius, er Prius owners, happy to pay a premium for a car that really isn’t that much different from others sold by the same manufacturer. Look at me, I’m saving the planet!

The editorial also (again correctly) celebrates the end of tax credits for ethanol, which, because of continued federal interference in the energy market, will continue be a burden on taxpayers. But the Post can only handle one step into the light at a time.

From the editorial:

Meanwhile, a lesser-known but equally dubious energy tax break also expired when the year ended Saturday: the credit that gave electric-car owners up to $1,000 to defray the cost of installing a 220-volt charging device in their homes — or up to $30,000 to install one in a commercial location. As a means of reducing carbon emissions, electric cars and plug-in hybrid electrics are no more cost-effective than ethanol. What’s more, only upper-income consumers can afford to buy an electric vehicle (EV); so the charger subsidy is a giveaway to the well-to-do.

The same goes for the $7,500 tax credit that the government offers purchasers of electric vehicles, a subsidy that, alas, did not expire at year’s end.

If Obama and his Green enviro radicals and Red central planning minions have lost the WaPo, they may well lose the center-left Democrats and independents who look to the Post for their ideological guidance.

Note: in fairness, the ethanol boondoggle was bipartisan: farm state pigs at the trough, a/k/a senators and representatives, Democrats and Republicans, have foisted ethanol subsidies on us since 1978. Electric cars, however, are strictly part of radical enviros attempts to kill the gasoline engine.


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