The Heritage Foundation’s Foundry provides a brisk set of resolutions for conservatives in this coming election year:

  1. Speak of Federalism, not “States’ Rights”
  2. Resist the Nullification Temptation
  3. Isolationism is un-American
  4. Equality is not a four-letter word

Seems to be sound advice, if a little arcane on the actual campaign trail.

The problem at the heart of these? Republicans need to, somehow, avoid seeming to be the party of white Southerners. As a white Southerner, this seems wrong, if understandable from a need to sound like a harmless bunch of faculty lounge professors.

Hey, we’re just debating here, we’re not going to take away your unearned benefits. We really, really support the New Deal, the Great Society, and whatever Marxist hell Obama and company are trying to take us to.

No. We don’t support America becoming a larger version of Greece. And should not. White Southerners, joined by Northern working men and women, need to take our country back. Not because Obama is a “person of color.” No; Obama’s race is not relevant. His color is: Red.


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