Brett Stephens at the Wall Street Journal today encapsulates what this year’s presidential election is really about: are we to become Eurotrash? Or remain a free, Anglo-Saxon, liberal (in the classical sense) people?

More simply, are we Greece writ large, or do we remain America, a strong and free bastion of economic and personal liberty? Stephens poses these questions:

  • Should government be an engine of employment growth?
  • Does government investment in favored industries or technologies make economic sense?
  • May government compel individual economic choices in the name of a social good?
  • Should the rich pay an ever-rising share of the total tax burden?
  • Are higher taxes the best way to close a budget deficit?
  • Is financial regulation generally effective?
  • Are labor unions good for overall employment?
  • Is inclusiveness the best test of fairness?
  • Must environmental concerns (or phobias) take precedence over economic interests?
  • Is consensus-seeking the ideal mode for international conduct?

Stephens concludes:

To all these questions, Mr. Obama’s record answers yes…That’s the Obama presidency in a nutshell. It’s also how Europe, mutatis mutandis, became what it is today.

These are serious questions, and one may only hope that a sufficiency of voters understand what is at stake: if we become like Greece, we will become a much poorer place. A place where everyone will be equal: equally poor, equally without opportunity.


One thought on “Eurotrash

  1. Mitt, Poop-lube (google ‘Santorum’ lol), or Obama will continue us down the path to becoming Greece. Their previous records prove it.

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