The Arlington Way

We love living in Arlington, so much that we retired in place. The County is well-managed, and, given the norm in the DC Metro area, taxes are relatively low.

That said, there’s an article in today’s WaPo that should alarm every Arlingtonian who thinks that government does too much. Why, our County Board has over-achieved, and met on what was a federal and school holiday yesterday. Just couldn’t wait to get back to the fray.

What the Post article highlights is the inevitable Nanny State approach of the County Board. In a word, intrusive. Attempting to regulate and control every aspect of human life. The very term featured in the article, the “Arlington Way,” is more than a little creepy, with totalitarian overtones.

One of the more harmful notions is that we need more “affordable housing.” Which, in plain English, means subsidized housing for people who can’t otherwise afford to live in Arlington.

Perhaps I slept through the civics classes where we were instructed that there is a right to live in a particular place, regardless of what it actually costs to live there.

People have a right to shelter. But why should there be a “right” to live in Arlington? How about a “right” to live just off Military Road in North Arlington? That’s a lot nicer than most places in our County, including where we live. No, wait, I was thinking small: I want “affordable” housing on Central Park South in Manhattan. With a doorman, if you please.

Oh, there is no such right? The point is, there is no right to live in a particular place. The term “affordable housing” means that you and I (if you pay taxes in Arlington) will be helping someone who can’t afford market-rate housing to live in Arlington.

This is being done, most likely, in the name of “diversity.” As in, if we just let people live here who can afford it, my Lord, we might wind up with not enough of the correct kinds of minorities. And, given that the Arlington County Board is comprised of liberal Democrats and the occasional squish Republican, there is no higher secular god than diversity, the unalloyed good.

Sarcasm off…

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