Contraception is working just fine

The GOP debate this past Saturday night showed, yet again, that Republicans can debase themselves by allowing Democratic shills to fling blatantly biased questions at them. Sort of like monkeys flinging feces at the zoo.

The feces-flinger in question was George Stephanopoulos, who kept asking irrelevant questions about contraception. All this, perhaps, no, almost certainly, a reaction to the post-Iowa bump in the polls enjoyed by Rick Santorum.

The left seems to have a fixation on Roman Catholic conservatives like Rick. Catholics, that is, who actually agree with and practice the Church’s doctrines. Stephanopoulos may not be the worst of the screeching harpies of the left, but he’s right up there in the top tier. And there’s more than a little creepiness in his apparent obsession with contraception and gays.

I don’t care about a candidate’s opinion on whether contraception is God’s will, or not God’s will. I do care if a candidate wants to legislate such a thing to make his opinion binding on all of us.

It should have been clear to even a blind and deaf man that Mitt Romney (or any of the other GOP hopefuls) would not want to legislate that kind of morality. Mitt, in fact, seemed nonplussed by the politically-motivated “gotcha” questions about sex, and, about contraception, said it perfectly:

Contraception is working just fine.

Some on the left seem to think that all Republicans are Klansmen who would disenfranchise women, blacks, hispanics, gays, Catholics, Jews, etc. It is more than a waste of time for Republicans to allow a lefty creep like Stephanopoulos to throw questions at us.

One thought on “Contraception is working just fine

  1. Mitt couldn’t answer a very simple Constitutional question. A question that Dr. Paul answered in a most masterful way. C’mon John, throw your support behind someone who really knows and cares what the Constitution says. It ain’t Mitt.

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