Just what we need…

…another cabinet level department to clog America’s arteries. This is almost a joke: Obama supports small businesses so much that he’s proposed a brand-new cabinet level federal department to deal with such entities.

Break out the champagne, small business owners, all your troubles will vanish. What small business owner doesn’t wake up each morning and say to himself, “If only there was a cabinet-level department of small businesses, all my worries would be over.”

This is part of what might otherwise seem to be a worthy endeavor. As reported by the Wall Street Journal, Obama wants the power to consolidate various sub-agencies that seem to be doing similar things.

The Obamatons claim great savings, of course. From the Journal:

The government official said 1,000 to 2,000 jobs would be eliminated through attrition and estimated the merger would save $3 billion over 10 years by getting rid of duplicative costs and programs.

Obama has grown the federal government by over 240,000 civilian/non-postal jobs (image and data source: Wall Street Journal) since he took office, but he will trumpet any (alleged) reductions in federal bloat.

The claimed reductions in federal jobs, on the order of 1-2 thousand, are meaningless. Worse, they likely are totally insignificant when compared to the many thousands of new federal employees that will be hired to help us poor, stupid citizens run our lives. Especially once Obamacare rolls into its full, toxic and bloated bloom. Unless, of course, we can repeal both it and Obama…

The point is that the typical small business would be far better off if the federal government simply fired everyone who had anything whatsoever to do with regulating small business. A new cabinet level department, with all the additional staffs required? Can’t but help to make it worse.

After all, we all know how well the Carter invention of the Department Energy has done. What could go wrong?


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