The South Carolina ghetto of being black and deprived of your ability to think for yourself, that is. Who is doing the depriving? It’s not the Republicans in South Carolina.

Let me introduce you to Representative Tim Scott, R-SC. Nothing unusual there; five of six representatives from South Carolina are Republican, as are both senators. But Tim Scott happens to be black.

Rep. Scott was used as a poster boy by Dick Harpootlian, the chairman of the Democrats in South Carolina. Harpootlian was made to look rather small last night by Bill O’Reilly. As O’Reilly himself might have said, the Democrat was pretty much a pinhead.

Why? Harpootlian accused the Republicans running in Saturday’s South Carolina presidential primary of being racist. Why racist? Because, paraphrasing the Democrat, “they haven’t had any outreach to African-Americans. And, since there is a black Republican congressman (Tim Scott), this is puzzling.”

Harpootlian is not alone in acting on the presumption that skin color is the most important attribute of a person. Tim Scott is a tea party conservative, pretty much to the right of most of his own party. He happens to be black. But to someone like the chair of South Carolina’s Democrats, Scott is a black man first, last, and only.

As for “outreach to blacks,” why aren’t the general requests to vote for a businessman (e.g. Romney) or social conservative (e.g. Santorum) sufficient? Do blacks need a message somehow tailored to blacks, and blacks alone?

Blacks vote in overwhelming numbers for Democrats, and it would be wrong to waste money tailoring a racist message only for blacks. Look, liberals are quick to accuse us conservatives of having “dog whistle” tactics. That is, subtle, almost subliminal appeals to racism that, somehow, only white conservatives can hear.

This is also called projection. It is Democrats, for the most part, who see racism everywhere. Even when Republican candidates for president assume that their message is for all people, regardless of skin color.

The existence of a principled conservative like Tim Scott, who happens to be black, shows how wrong pandering, er, “black outreach,” is.


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