Perry to endorse Newt?

RedState has been nothing if not firm in their support for Newt Gingrich. This is puzzling to me, but, hey, everyone’s got their opinions. Now Erick Erickson is suggesting that if (or more likely, when) Rick Perry drop out and throw his support to Newt. To which I say, hmm…

My first choice was Rick Perry; my second Rick Santorum. The primary season has now convinced me of two things: Neither can get the nomination; neither is likely to be able to beat Obama if he got the nomination.

That leaves Newt on the right. Or at least I thought he was on the right, until he began a full-throated attack on capitalism. He’s backed away (somewhat), but he (and Rick Perry) might have been confused with Dennis Kucinich or Michael Moore for a while.

For what it’s worth, if we did nominate Newt, I know he’d shred Obama in debates. But we’re electing a president, not a debating team captain. And I don’t think Newt can beat Obama. Too much personal baggage; too many inside-the-Beltway shenanigans; too many grand ideas that he could not put into play as Speaker.

Conservatives, me included, have to go with Bill Buckley’s advice: support the most conservative candidate who can win. Like it or not, right now that’s Mitt Romney.

Mitt Romney is clean as a hound’s tooth, and offers us a chance to have a Free Enterprise vs. Socialism choice this year. Deciding question for any Romney-haters out there: if you are faced with the choice of Mitt or Obama, who is better for the nation?

The question answers itself.


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