Yet another GOP debate last night. It started with what some might call a low blow: an ABC interview with one of Newt Gingrich’s exes. Unfair! howled the Newt. We provided ABC with rebuttals; they did not use them!

In the actual debate, Newt was stellar, as we’ve come to expect. Mitt stumbled on the obvious issue of releasing his tax returns, but, unless he’s hiding donations to al qaeda, these are of no importance. After he releases them they become boring. Before he does, they can only feed the media circus and the Obama class warfare machine.

Getting back to Newt, yes, he’d shred Obama in any debate about the issues where Obama doesn’t have a teleprompter. But let’s not forget that Newt was vulnerable to the scorned woman attack only because he’s got at least two of them in his past.

Yes, the media gives a free pass to lice like John Edwards. He’s a Democrat, for God’s sake. Can’t possibly expect the mainstream media to poke into his affairs, now, can we?

On the personal life score, Obama sets a good example. He truly is No-Drama Obama. The contrast with Newt, if he’s our nominee, might be too much to overcome in the heartland, where independents will make (or break) our chances in November.

Which is one reason we’re much better off with Mitt Romney. He’s No-Drama Mitt. Yes, he’s a successful capitalist. That’s a very good thing. And he can show that there’s been far more jobs created than lost (e.g. Staples).

Oh, there’s a bonus this morning. My governor, Bob McDonnell, endorsed Mitt. That means a lot to me, because McDonnell is both a principled conservative and an effective governor. Note that this is added to South Carolina governor Nikki Haley’s endorsement last month.

Regardless of the outcome in South Carolina, I think that Mitt’s the one to go all the way.


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