That horse has left the barn

The WaPo ombudsman has an interesting piece published January 20, 2012 and titled “Scrutinize President Obama’s Record.” My message to the ombudsman:

Well, that horse has left the barn. The Post, along with most of the mainstream media, were, at best, incurious as to Obama’s past associations.

When Obama publicly cut his decades-long and close (“my spiritual mentor”) ties to Jeremiah Wright, the Post was content to pretty much leave it at that. But when an evangelical pastor who merely introduces a Republican candidate (Rick Perry) says something politically incorrect about Mormonism (Jeffress), why that’s front-page time.

Obama’s house obtained with shady financing; his career getting its start in unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers’ home; his taking his children to listen to Wright’s anti-Semitic, anti-White filth for their entire lives; his too-close association with Tony Rezko; his unconfirmed policy “czars” since becoming president; his foolish backing of money pits such as Solyndra; his blame-America apology and bowing tour…

The list is long. Suffice to say that any Republican with Obama’s past would be torn to shreds by the Post. Hey, the Post went totally nuts when George Allen stupidly used “macaca” at one of his campaign events. For many days, we could expect yet another front page story on the evil Allen. And don’t even get me started on the one-sided, incessantly negative reporting on Gov. McDonnell during the 2009 election.

My point: The Post has a huge double standard. It’s one thing to support liberals on the opinion pages. It’s quite another when news judgments (e.g. what’s front page, section A news; how the headline relates to the facts; what aspects to emphasize) make it hard to distinguish the Post from a Democratic National Committee house newsletter.

If you can help correct this, and report the news without fear or favor, that would be great. In the meantime, I typically only glance at the Post before getting my actual news from the Wall Street Journal. Sometimes, but not usually, both sources give the same story. I’ve come to expect a left-leaning slant in the Post. What’s fascinating are the differing emphases of each paper, and the Post suffers in the comparison.


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