Taxing, isn’t it

To have to listen to the TOTUS drone on about how unfair it all is. “It” being, among other whines, the notion that the rich don’t pay their “fair” share in federal taxes.

The graphic above tells a somewhat different story. Seems that the upper brackets pay a lot more in taxes, both in absolute terms (unsurprising) and as a percentage of income. Which will probably surprise the idiots at Occupy Wall Street, those few that actually read.

Facts can be pesky things, and they should matter. One may only hope that the Republican nominee schools Obama on hard facts, and asks him “how much is enough?” Such an exchange might serve to allow us to see the real Obama, he of the Saul Alinsky school for radicals. That is, Obama is nothing more than a would-be socialist dictator, intent on all people having the same income and paying the same taxes.

Trouble is, we’ve seen such attempts at leveling: Cuba, North Korea, the Soviet Union. In such places, only the leaders and their cronies do well. Everyone else is pretty much the same: poor.


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