Fox not “conservative?”

There is some sentiment, at least on the right, that Fox News is, somehow, becoming “liberal.”

This seems to relate the the unseemly departure of Glenn Beck last year. It’s hard to know what motivates some folks to throw such claims about. I happen to think that Fox does a reasonably good job of being “fair and balanced.” Sometimes too good.

A lot of people seem to think that because Fox has Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, and other reliably conservative commentators, it is, somehow, a right-wing network. They key word is “commentator.”

But Fox routinely provides both a liberal and conservative point of view of controversies in the news. This may confuse some people, because they’re perhaps used to an unending stream of in-the-liberal-bag “news” from NBC, ABC, and CBS. Let’s not even mention MSNBC, which could double as Obama’s reelection committee.

But yesterday Fox kind of demonstrated that they’re not nearly as conservative as might be thought. Two men who appeared Friday should destroy that myth. First, Fox continues to allow Geraldo “Blanket Amnesty” Rivera air time. Whenever he talks about the nation needing a “comprehensive” immigration policy, he means amnesty.

But Rivera is not the worst. That would be Jesse Jackson, also on this morning (don’t know what he said; I don’t listen to charlatans so turned it off). Fox also has been hoodwinked into allowing the all-but-convicted felon and charlatan Al Sharpton on the air. At least Sharpton is personally charming; Jackson is a Chicago thug.

It’s not that I disagree with what those worthies might have to say. It’s that they have no moral standing; they are serial liars. Shame on Fox for having them on, more than once.

Having the likes of these on Fox says nothing, however, about Fox’s alleged political bias. It says a lot about their judgment of who or what is newsworthy.


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