Rick redux?

In today’s Wall Street Journal, Texas Governor Rick Perry has a rather straightforward defense of energy security and job creation: “Texans Are Baffled by the Keystone [pipeline] Decision.” As are many of us Americans who don’t live in Texas.

Referring, of course, to the president’s caving to the radical environmentalists who apparently own his heart. As Governor Perry puts it,

President Obama put his personal political interests ahead of improving our country’s economic climate.

His decision also relegates the U.S. to continued reliance on oil from volatile nations in the Middle East, where unrest, chaos and Iran’s threats to block the oil supply moving through the Strait of Hormuz are driving gas prices ever closer to $4 a gallon

I read the piece over breakfast. Then, later, I came across the latest Pew poll, showing Rick Santorum closing the gap with Mitt Romney.

Instantly, this thought: might Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney struggle, neither winning the nominatin, leading to a brokered Republican convention come this August in Tampa? Stranger things have happened.

Now Perry has said he just wasn’t ready for the hot lights of a national campaign. His lackluster performance did nothing to refute that. So, why did reading Perry’s article leave me thinking that perhaps a brokered Republican national convention might turn to the first Rick, Rick Perry?

Sure, he did not do well at all in debates. But we’re electing a commander-in-chief, a leader. Not a community organizer with a radical past and questionable associations. Rick Perry’s article reminded me that he has the right instincts when it comes to America’s energy independence. Not forgetting, as well, that he has been a very successful three-term governor of a large and diverse state.

As contrasted with Obama, a community organizer who had never so much as run a lemonade stand. And it has shown in his dismal and feckless record as president. A man who has basically voted “present” during his term in office.

Just suggesting that stranger things than the resurrection of Rick Perry’s campaign have happened.



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