“Punishing the Unemployed”

Here’s a classic example of writing an editorial inside a headline: “More Americans Like Higher Taxes on Wealthy over Punishing the Unemployed to Pay for Payroll Tax.”

Unemployment benefits were cut to a mere 1.5 years (73 weeks), down from almost two years (99 weeks). Really taking the whips to those poor unemployed souls, making them find jobs or get re-trained in under two years. Oh, the humanity.

No jobs to be had and you’re too proud, lazy, or both to take jobs Americans won’t take? Fine; make it official, and go on welfare, not unemployment.

As for raising taxes, it’s true, there’s no love lost among a large majority of the populace for those “millionaires and billionaires.” It’s good, hearty populist fun to rail against their success, and raise taxes on them when possible. Less money invested in the creation of jobs? No worries; I’ve got my unemployment for two years.

It is hard to understand how it is “punishing” the unemployed to go back to the time-honored notion that one should not be unemployed for years at a time if one is able-bodied. It is, rather, exactly what ought to be done: remove the excessive reward for indolence.

Staying unemployed may seem like fun. Don’t we all think that the individual, and the nation, will be better served by an unemployed person motivated to take a job to avoid the shame of welfare?


One thought on ““Punishing the Unemployed”

  1. Cut unemployment benefits to 6 months. People know when they are about to be terminated. They should take action; instead they put their heads in the sand and think, it will not happen to me. This shows their stupidity, lack of personal responsibility and that they want to be freeloaders.

    Productive voters should be taking action now to eliminate the government giving welfare to freeloaders.

    Censorship is evil.

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