Don’t say it’s not theology

The Left, very much including enviro-freaks such as the Goracle (you know, the guy who is now sorry he invented that interweb thingy ’cause it uses too much energy), hates your SUV. Even as they fly around the world in private jets (“hey, I paid for that carbon offset!”)

Well, recently, Rick Santorum got into a heap of mainstream media-generated trouble when he likened Obama’s environmental crusade to a “theology.” The Left, including their enablers in the media, absolutely hate it when someone actually speaks the truth about one of their crusades.

On occasion, the mask slips, and a lefty speaks the truth. Such a gaffe (h/t Jim Geraghty) is this telling remark by Stephen Chu, the Solyndra Kid who is the Secretary of Energy:

“Somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe…”

Congratulations, moron. You’re perhaps the dumbest person with a Nobel Prize. You gave away the game: we, the bien pensants who are Rulers of the Universe know what you, the great unwashed Americans, should want: the Chevy Volt.

That’s right, people. You’ll buy a car that is twice as expensive but twice as hard to fuel, because it’s what we think is good for the planet. Never mind that the electricity that fuels your car comes mostly from burning coal, we say it comes from unicorns riding on rainbows, and the pollution from its generation isn’t in your neighborhood.

If gas prices go high enough, you’ll come begging to us, the Lords of the Environment, and you’ll pay what we ask for those electric cars…

The point? Radical enviros, very much including mokes like Chu and his boss, Obama, have complete faith that they are right, that solar and wind and unicorn farts are the energy sources that can replace those dirty combustion engines.

Faith is another way of saying belief in things seen and unseen, which are beyond scientific proof. In a word, theology.


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