A prophet without honor

John Podhoretz writes in the New York Post “Santorum is animated and motivated by an unpleasantly bleak outlook on the morals and manners of the country he now says he wishes to lead.”

If one believes that over one million persons are being killed each year, as Santorum does, “bleak” doesn’t do this holocaust justice. The problem for many of my fellow Christians, including those of us baptized Catholic (me included), is that we don’t want to be told our failings. We don’t want to be reminded that our Church is against abortion, is militantly pro-life.

Rick Santorum holds fast to our Catholic beliefs. He is right to have a bleak outlook. That said, John Podhoretz is also right that such a truth-teller can’t be elected president. In different words, Rick Santorum is a prophet without honor in his own country. A country, our country, that does not at all like to be told we have failed in protecting those who are weakest: the unborn.

But John Podhoretz is also right. As I’m sure we’ve all been told at some point in our lives, by a parent, priest, drill sergeant, or friend, “It ain’t right, but that’s the way it is.”


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