Republicans used to be called the political party of root canals and cold showers. Bunch of cranky, old white men with hearts of stone. Men who took joy in seeing the working man suffer when they were out of work.

This brings up the subject of unemployment. The official statistic has been trending sharply downward these past two months. This may be good news, or, more likely, just not-so-bad news, as many people have given up even looking for work. And hence are not counted as “unemployed,” thereby boosting the Obama Fiction Machine’s trumpeting that something or another must be working.

Here’s a bleak truth: I’m rooting for truth in advertising; i.e. getting the actual numbers of people unemployed, underemployed, and those who have simply given up looking for work. I’m not likely to get the truth. That’s not how politics works.

The graphic, via Powerline, shows the Gallup organization’s stab at the real unemployment rate. Which is predicted to be 9.0%. Ungood, if you are an Obama supporter. Very good if you are, like me, one who knows that the Obama administration’s economic medicine, with large doses of regulations, higher taxes, and restrictions on inestment will kill the patient.

Long story short: I root for higher unemployment. Not because I like to see people suffer. Lord knows my father spent more than a few months unemployed. It’s hardly a good thing, except it allowed him to find a better job, from which he eventually was able to retire comfortably from.

There are some people who do take delight in the suffering of others. The German loan word is schadenfreude, literally adversity-joy. Joy in the suffering of others. Ugly concept; expressed exactly with a cruel, German efficiency.

For the case at hand, is it simply schadenfreude to find good news in higher unemployment numbers? Or, rather, is it that some of us prefer the defeat of Obama in order to prevent further disaster?

Simply stated, we should welcome some pain now, if that pain leads to removing the infection that is the statist, redistributionist Obama administration. If left untreated, that infection may become untreatable.

There will always be unemployment; there will always be some who need help and are in misery. Our task is to take the long view and minimize the numbers of those so afflicted in the future.

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