The “good war”

A few years ago, back in those evil days of George W. Bush, according to most Democrats our war in Iraq was “bad” and the war in Afghanistan was the “good war.” This was obvious at the time: politics above national security.

It’s hardly news that since The One has been anointed as our Latter Day Messiah (not to be confused with Mitt Romney’s faith), Democrats have been unhappy with us having any war going on. OK, all is fair in love and politics. Until a politician starts confusing himself with the divine.

Obama is such a politician. Back when he was running for LDM, this empty suit made all sorts of claims about the planet “healing” and the “oceans receding” due to his election. Obama is, after all, also an acolyte in the Church of Global Warming, though his primary faith is in himself as The One. Faith is, as we know, belief in things unseen and unproven. And, in Obama’s case as the LDM, unprovable.

Just yesterday, LDM gave forth from the mountaintop that his apology for the inadvertent burning of Korans at a U.S. military base has “calmed things down.”

Good thing the Afghans are “calmed.” Hate to see them when they’re really riled up: another two American servicemen have been killed, bringing the total to 6.

Sometimes, Barack Hussein, less is more. Just shut up about your calming powers, and remember your own words when you were a Senator: Afghanistan is, somehow, the good war. But, now that Iraq is over (except for a far-too-massive State Department presence), the Afghanistan war is not so good.

Deaths there are on you, Obama. You can no longer blame your predecessor.


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