Rush to judgement

The proverbial Man from Mars would be mystified. Here we’ve got a miserable economy, a national debt bomb that may bring us back to a Medieval standard of living. Well, perhaps not that far back, but our debt and deficit spending could have us looking a lot more like Greece. Not a pretty picture…

So, what has the mainstream media exercised these past few days? No, not the wretched excess of mourning Whitney Houston. It’s rude remarks made by Rush Limbaugh about a young woman whose only crime was to whine about not getting her contraceptive costs paid for.

Naturally, the Great One had to call her to console her. We who are Lightworkers, Bringers of Light and Understanding to the great unwashed, are with you. Now why do you suppose Obama felt the need to respond to a conservative talk show host? Feeling insecure, Barack?

The drama, if that’s what it is, plays to the Democrat claim that Republicans and those nasty, nasty Catholics want to deny contraception to women. That’s not what it’s about, of course.

It’s about religious liberty, the right of a Catholic institution to remain true to its values. The young woman in question may not be any of those nasty things Rush said about her. She is, however, at best, abysmally ignorant about Catholic institutions such as Georgetown University.

Let’s make this simple: don’t expect a Catholic school to violate current Church doctrine just because you want it to.

Was Rush nasty and rude? Yes. He could have made the point using gentler language. But Rush Limbaugh is not the issue. Religious liberty is.


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